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Branch Manager - Hyderabad - Job Description

Location: Hyderabad, Sindg
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The Branch Manager is responsible for all the activities of the branch. He/she is in charge of the commercial development of the branch, staff management, liquidity management, and logistics.


  • To achieve given targets and maintain quality Gross Loan Portfolio.
  • To organize prospecting and communication actions in the intervention area of the branch (markets and commercial areas) by assigning tasks and targets to the commercial team.
  • To monitor the results of commercial development activities,
  • To develop the overall branch portfolio in accordance with targets set by the management, both in terms of quantity and quality
  • To monitor the loan portfolio and to follow the timely repayments by using the ad-hoc reports, and to organize and follow results of recovery actions in case of late repayments.
  • To ensure regular reviews of cash flows on the deposit accounts for AML purposes; to report to the DCOO / Head of Compliance should any suspicious behaviour be noted.
  • To ensure an on-going coaching and mentoring of the branch staff both by maintaining a regular flow of informal or formal discussions with staff members both in the branch and in teh field.

Required Education & Experience:

  • Graduate preferable Commerce or Business Graduate
  • Atleast 05 years’ experience in banking sector with atleast 1 year as Branch Manager or 2 years as Relationship Manager

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